Rich Forex Traders

Rich forex traders are not only winning but also getting rich fast. They are picking the big winners and throwing the big money around. They are the “tip of the iceberg”.

If you are a smaller trader or not familiar with the market, then you need to take warning. However, if you are a larger trader and you are reading this, then you are probably already “in the iceberg”. Now, for the explanation… The word iceberg is simply defined as a mass of water that is at the bottom of a larger ocean.

In this case, the earth is referred to as the “ice cap”.

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The term “ice cap” also means “lying down river”. So in essence, it means a region where the earth and sun don?t always connect. Sometimes, the ice cap bursts open and the sun never sets. Other times, the ice cap slowly grows in size and then solidifies.

This is known as a “tentative” analysis. The term “cap” is also a shortened form of cape. So, in essence, it means “guardian angel” in the religious sense. Now, if you dig a little deeper into the history of the world stock market, you will see that it was originally called the “occassional report” or “street report”.

The name of the stock market originally referred to the “magical writing system” used by certain wealthy individuals to keep track of the market.

This writing system is still in use today in some form or another. The main income stream for most of the rich individuals was probably from stock brokers.

So, to keep up with the action in the stock market, many of these individuals would likely seek out employment with a “company” or “entity” that would provide them with a yearly income. These men and women often worked alongside their “companions” in a company or “entity” that would later evolve into a “company” or “entity” themselves. This was a contract that provided for the payment of money and other “benefits” by the latter in exchange for their “help” in running the company or “entity”.

This was a legal contract, not unlike the “contract for life” that many of today?s day traders opt for. The main income stream for many of the “high rollers” was probably their “employer”, which provided them with at least part of the company?s profits. This was before the invention of the modern company, so profits were usually not a main stream income. The important contractors were usually provided with the profits from the company.

The second stream of profit was usually provided by the “share market” or “equity index”. The equity index is a composite index of the top 10% of the wealthy?s wealthiest stocks. The name of the index comes from the fact that it measures the “value” of these stocks in relation to the overall market.

Stocks on the index are denoted with an “I” in the name of the index creator. Stocks in this index range typically represent around 10% of the equity of the company.